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Life, Like Camera LLC


Public&community relations, media, crisis, PR Marketing, E-commertce, event design

About Us

High-quality video production is often far out of reach to the average consumer. These factors create a steep barrier to entry for our potential clients; Creative Expertise, Production Logistics, Access to Resources, Quality/Professionalism, and Distribution/Promotion. There are not many production companies that handle the wild array of services that we offer.

Our film production company solves the problems of creative expertise, production logistics, resource access, quality assurance, and distribution/promotion for its customers. Life, Like Camera, documents the most important moments in the lives of our clients, these long-lasting memories they are able to revisit time and time again. By offering a comprehensive range of services, we enable individuals and organizations to bring their stories to life on screen with professionalism, efficiency, and artistic integrity.


“AACCW has been a valuable resource to Best Ed Business since 2014. The services and resources offered by the chamber have grown and become more personalized in connectivity with the needs of businesses.
The woman in business series was especially valuable to me.
AACCW’s ability to refer its business roster as opportunities arise is an absolute member benefit”

June Perry, Best Ed Business